NABE - National Association for Bilingual Education
The National Association for Bilingual Education is the only national professional organization devoted to representing Bilingual Learners and Bilingual Education professionals.

NABE has affiliates in 25 states which collectively represent more than 20,000 members that include Bilingual and English Language Learner (ELL) teachers, parents, paraprofessionals, administrators, professors, advocates, researchers, and policy makers.

NABE's mission is to advocate for our nations Bilingual and English Language Learners and families and to cultivate a multilingual multicultural society by supporting and promoting policy, programs, pedagogy, research, and professional development that yield academic success, value native language, lead to English proficiency, and respect cultural and linguistic diversity. As tireless advocates that work to influence and create policies, programs, research, pedagogy and professional development, we know that we are investing in our children's education, our nations leadership, and our world’s well being. By using native and second languages in everyday life, we not only develop intercultural understanding, but we also show by example that we respect and can effectively cross cultural and linguistic borders.

Bilingualism and Biliteracy for all is an admirable goal for every individual. We embrace this mantra and advocate learning more than two languages and cultures. We are a global society and we must be at the cutting edge in living and creating unity within diversity.

National Association for Bilingual Education
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